Monday, July 6, 2009

But do I LIKE him? :)

Now, for the next lesson that we younger women are to learn . . . "to love their husbands." Why do I need to be taught this? According to Strong's, the word love here in Titus 2 is the word phileo, which is that "liking" kind of love. I chuckle to myself here because there are many times when liking someone is a whole lot harder than loving them. We girls don't usually have a hard time loving with that unconditional, yes-I'll-lay-down-my-life-for-you, kind of love.

BUT . . . :)

Do I enjoy picking up your socks? Do I want to iron your shirt? Do I want to make your lunch or dinner? Wives, fill in the blank for your husband?____________________________ It's not always easy to like them when the daily part of life is in our faces all day long. :) This is where the choosing part of love comes in.

If you stop and think right now about what attracted you to your husband, can you say that whatever it was still does attract you to him? What about the other way around? Do you make yourself special just for him?

I know one challenge I have in the busy daily scheduled life I lead is taking time to do something for my husband that's "out of the ordinary" of the everyday, but it's something that I know he likes and is special to him.

Now, here's the hard question . . . do I serve him? cough, cough, sputter, sputter WHAT? You mean . . . wait on him? Do I give him the things he needs with a cheerful smile? What does my body language say to him? Yes, girls, even being a little s*xy for him is important, in the right setting, of course. What do I do to make my husband feel special and important?

Here's the challenge - this week, right now if possible, take time to think of one or even two things you know your husband enjoys, whatever that might be, and do it for him as soon as possible. It could be a favorite meal for dinner. It may be an outfit he likes for you to wear. Could it be a way that you do your hair that he really likes or even ;) turns him on? :)

Whatever it is . . . DECIDE! Then, do it! Even if he's made you upset this week, set that aside. Pray for the Lord's direction to help you forgive him for whatever he's done, mention it only to the Lord, and then serve your man! If something needs to be discussed or resolved, think very carefully if it's something that can wait until after your special time with/for your husband, and set out to accomplish whatever it might be to encourage to him. Let the Lord take over and bring both of you closer to Him and each other. What a wonderful way to "love your husband."

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